The uC/OS real-time kernel

Developed by Jean Labrosse, uC/OS is a portable, ROMable, preemptive, real-time multitasking kernel for microprocessors. Most of the kernel is written in C, allowing it to be ported to new microprocessor platforms in a straightforward way. (You must rewrite the minimal assembly language routines.) The kernel manages up to 63 user tasks, with performance comparable to many commercially available kernels.

The source code to uC/OS is available on the CD included with your text and can be used without restriction in classes and academic projects. (Commercial usage requires an appropriate license from Labrosse.) While we will not run this kernel, you are welcome to study the source code to help in the design of your own kernel. For your convenience, it is available online in the /ee2/ee425/src/uCOS directory.

Additional notes about uC/OS and its structure will be added here as needed.

Be aware that those machine-specific portions of the source code in our distribution run on an x86 platform.