Homework set #1

Some of the following questions ask you to provide code. You are expected to compile and run the code and make sure it works before you submit it. You may use the C compiler and machine of your choice.
  1. Write a short C function named IsLeapYear() to determine if a given year (passed into the function as an int parameter) is a leap year; if it is, the value 1 is to be returned, otherwise the function should return zero. A year is a leap year if it is divisible by 4 but not by 100, with the exception that years divisible by 400 are leap years.

  2. Consider the following code fragment:

    int x = 10;
    int y = 3;
    float result;
    result = x / y;

    By inspection, what value do you expect result to have after the assignment? Add what you need to compile and run this code and to output the value of result after the assignment (use the compiler of your choice). Does result actually end up with the value you expected? Explain why result is assigned this value.

  3. Assume t1 and t2 are defined to be 32-bit ints and that t1 has been assigned an arbitrary value. Write a single line of C code which assigns t2 a value determined from t1 as described below. (The single line of code should set all four bytes of t2 as specified below.) Assume that bytes are 8 bits, that byte1 refers to the highest-order byte, byte2 to the next highest byte, etc. Run your code to make sure it actually works before you submit it.

  4. In the expressions given below, assume that x, y, and z are integers with the values 0, 1, and 2 respectively. For each expression, give the resulting value of the expression and show how it is evaluated. To show how it is evaluated, add parentheses to the original expression until all ambiguity is eliminated (e.g., "a+b/c-d" would become "((a+(b/c))-d)"). Be sure to give the final value of each expression.

    a. x + y * z
    b. x == 0 && y != 4
    c. y < x < z
    d. y+-z
    e. !z||y
    f. y ? x : z
    g. x - y < z
    h. x = 0 || z <= y   (Give value of expression and final value of x)
    i. z & 3 == 2

Turn in your typed solution for this assignment via LearningSuite by 11:00pm on the due date.
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