Homework Set #9: Reflections on Leadership

As part of an ongoing effort to prepare students for the global workplace, BYU's Fulton College of Engineering and Technology has articulated a model of leadership that serves as a guide for student development. This model is discussed in EngT 231 and summarized on this college webpage.

Your assignment is to write an essay exploring the application of these leadership principles in one or more of the following case studies discussed this semester:

These case studies include a variety of examples of both individuals and organizations that you can draw upon. You are invited to reflect on instances in which the application of leadership principles resulted in a positive outcome, as well as instances in which the failure to act consistent with these principles had a negative outcome. You should consider the extent to which the actions of individuals affected the outcome. Your essay should be no shorter than 1.5 pages and no longer than 2 pages in a reasonable font (10-11 pt) with reasonable margins and reasonable spacing (single to 1.5). You can assume that the intended audience for your essay consists of engineers, so you don't have to shy away from technical terms and content.

This assignment will be graded by the instructor (rather than the TAs). An essay will receive full credit only if it reflects original thought and is well organized and clearly articulated. Learning to present and support a point of view in writing is an important skill for engineers to develop -- you will do more of this than one might think.

Turn in your hard-copy submission for this assignment to the homework box before 4:45 PM on the due date.
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